Welcome! And thanks for visiting us! We started this business in 2018 . We love good soups and we carefully make all our food with fresh all-natural ingredients that result in amazing, flavorful and healthy food. Alenso's is Nigeria’s #1 marketplace to order, buy a freshly prepared Nigerian pot of your soup. We make high-quality soups from scratch, and package them frozen in convenient, food-safe packs.


Everyone loves delicious and good wholesome home cooked meals and we constantly seek new ways to delight our customers and ensure they constantly get delicious home cooked meals .


Want it very spicy , Want it moderately spiced ,or not spiced at all we have you 100% . We are constantly improving the taste and feel of our meals while taking into consideration the individuality of our customers.


Life can be hectic enough and you do not need to add the stress of cooking . At Alenzos ,we aim to take the stress of you and ensure you get quality home cooked meals always without necessarily breaking the bank .

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  • We believe soup makes everything better. That’s why we make our soups 100% from scratch with homemade stock, local ingredients, and absolutely no added preservatives. We start each soup with fresh, natural, produce that we cut the day it’s cooked,. We believe in making soup that’s not only delicious, but creates a moment of comfort in the day—it’s to be savored.